Friday, February 5, 2010


When I first saw the David by Michelangelo in class, I was in awe. The statue was so majestic,powerful and lifelike. It is its amazing details such as the curly hair, the toned body, and the way he is standing by putting pressure on his right leg and looking into the horizon that makes him look so real. Then, I was introduced to another artist that somewhat works like Michelangelo however he is a few centuries younger. His name is Ron Mueck. When we first saw the documentary in class and the picture of a pregnant woman appeared, I thought she was real, that is, alive. However, the class and I were proven wrong when we were told that the lady was in fact an 8 foot high statue. It is just one of the numerous spectacular works of realism that Mueck has created with such patience. The use of fiberglass and silicone, the added hair on her scalp, eyebrows and pubic hair and her facial expression make her seem so real. I would say that without a doubt, Michelangelo and Ron Mueck have mastered the art of realism and I just cannot take my eyes off their works.

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