Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Flesh? - Pink Floyd The Wall Part 1

I have been working on my Pink Floyd essay for well over a month now and I believe I understand it well enough to post it online. I had to find out wither the the imagery corresponds to the lyrics metaphorically or literally in Pink Floyd the Wall but before I answer my thesis, I believe we need to touch on the movie's producers background. I have also found out that the historical background of an artwork, wither it is a painting, sculpture or movie is extremely important because it helps you understand the work of art. In Pink Floyd the Wall, you need to know that the main character in the movie named Pink, is based on Roger Waters life and that both of them have lost their fathers at World War II and have been greatly affected by the war, they both had a lot of trouble with stardom. and they both tried to create a mental wall around them.
As I was analyzing '' In the Flesh?'', I found out that there were two different interpretations of the song. At first, we believe that the song is about an audience that will go to a Pink Floyd show. Then, we notice that Roger Waters is trying to explain in the lyrics that you want to feel comfortable and accepted by the world but that you will surely be disappointed. He is trying to imply that you need violence instead of love in order to get along with life. Waters uses the phrase '’ go to the show’’ as a metaphor that explains the feeling of acceptance he wants out of life and uses "cold eyes" and "disguise(s)" as well as rioting teenagers and fighting soldiers to express the violence needed to survive life. The significance of the first of the final words spoken in the song, that is, "Lights! Turn on the sound effects! Action!» announces Pinks birth and the final few words "Drop it, drop it on 'em! Drop it on them!" signifies Pink’s first brick, the death of his father.
So so far, the historical context is extremely relevant because we know that Roger Waters is the singer of Pink Floyd and that he has seen rioting teenagers attend his show, and then we understand how Roger feels about the war. So it is a type of biographical movie that is based on his life that is yet fictional as well and full of metaphors. If one did not know of Roger's past and that he had once sang for Pink Floyd and is the producer of the movie, they would not enjoy the artwork as much as they could and they would not understand it all that well either.

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